The World Amateur Strongman Federation (WASF) is a global sports organization founded by Brian Millford, a prominent figure in the history of sports organizations such as the International Amateur Strongman Federation.

WASF has global members in 30 countries including Russia, India, Latvia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, etc.


WASF organizes a series of grand prix events and international championships involving the associated organizations IASF, AAU, STRONG CORPORATED to promote and disseminate the discipline of Strongman globally

The president of the WASF Brian Millford aims to give the highest priority to children and young people, proposing to spread, especially among young people the importance of nutrition and sport at a young age, as a means to a better life and for a future more harmony with our planet. WASF aims to inspire future generations to achieve their goals through a sports culture ". The WSF Championships are being shaped to shape new fitness and strength regimes with the desire to promote the importance of fitness in their routine by approving it as a new way of life.



WASF High Council: Brian Millford (Scotland) -

President Anatolij Voijchek (Russia) - 1st Vice President

Dmitru Demiaciuc (Romania) - Vice-president

Oleg Larsson (Norway) - Vice-president

Hermann Haller (GERMANY) - Vice-president


Lee Min Su Chong (Malesya) - Vice Presidente (Asia)


500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158 E-mail: wasfstrongmanfederation@gmail.com -  Tel: +1-415-5497